Photography tips – stacked teleconverters on the 500mm

Whenever I can I load the gear into (and onto) the sea kayak and paddle across to the little island of Bågø, just four kilometres from our local beach. The NW tip of said island is a deserted place where seals and birds are the only distractions, and I like to spend the night there to be ready to shoot whatever comes by in the morning light.

A few days ago I had placed the little hide/tent right on the beach, hoping that many migrating waders would come past. Alas they didn’t, and I was almost ready to pack up and row home when a small flock of Dunlins landed. I had been shooting across a narrow tidal canal so I had both TC’s on the big 500mm, something that gives me a full 980mm f8 lens… As it turned out this is simply too much for the lens; sharpness isn’t good enough in this configuration, small wonder really but on the other hand the much cheaper 300mm f4 lens handled the same situation magnificently earlier this year. I guess it could be something as simple as working on some micro-adjust, but I don’t think I’ll be bothered as it isn’t really a configuration I plan to use much.

Anyway, here are the best of the lot, they aren’t bad, just not great either. Click to enlarge.

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