Island visitors

A Dunlin calidris alpina in an attractive setting - click to view in full size.

A Dunlin (calidris alpina) in an attractive setting – click to view in full size.

The family holidays were spent on Anholt, small island in Kattegat. The island is a stopover for party-craving socialites from the capital as well as for migrating waders, and both seem to get exactly what they come for – inebriation and sex for the former, nourishment and rest for the latter. The rest of us just enjoy the crystal-clear water and the great beaches, plus a spot of bird photography for anyone thus inclined.

These birds, who are all close relatives and mostly Arctic breeders, were hanging at a little inlet, filling their fat depots and changing clothes. I was happy to catch them all still in full breeding plumage, in just a few weeks they’ll be quite a bit less flamboyant-looking.

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