Short-eared owls in the mist

When shooting on the go we don't get to choose our subjects' perches - I'd have preferred a post without the electrical fence

When shooting on the go we don’t get to choose our subjects’ perches – I’d have preferred a post without the electrical fence

Fortunately the short-eared owl is not in quite the predicament that the gorillas of Central Africa are – but that didn’t stop this bunch from doing their thing in the mist. I had spent all morning looking for them in quite decent light, had given up and was driving home when a friend called to say that an owl had been spotted flying… Turned the little car around to find not one but five (maybe six) of the elusive critters foraging, air-wrestling and generally having a good time – but by now the fog had come in off the sea, and the light had all but gone.

These images are the best of a mediocre lot, but I was very happy to take them with me home all the same. I hope I get another chance before the owls are off to Norway and Sweden for their breeding seasons again.

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