Winter robin looking good

Most birds don’t do much in the way of singing during the winter, but the charming little Eurasian Robin is the exception. It is something as rare as an insectivore sedentary species, meaning it must find enough insects all through winter to keep up with the energy loss due to low temperature. In order to be able to do so it maintains exclusive territories all through the year, not least by using its song to warn other individuals that a given turf is taken. On this particular day I didn’t get any singing shots, something I had hoped to do, but that is the nature of this pastime, and I don’t mind having to have another go sometime soon.

As usual, the images should be clicked up. EXIF data are Canon EOS 5D mkii with Canon EF 300mm L f4 IS USM and TC 1.4 mkii. ISO 500 and f6.3

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