Short-eared owl on the local beach

Returning visitors here will know that I have a few local prowling grounds which have been exceedingly productive in the past, producing images of bluethroats, great reed warblers, grasshopper warblers, sea eagles and much more. Yesterday another attractive species was added to that list; the short-eared owl. This beach is only 2km from my desk, yet there’s almost always something interesting happening there – yesterday a peregrine falcon flew away in the distance, and then this owl showed up. I feel lucky to live here 🙂

The equipment this time was the new 100-400mm Canon mkII zoom lens on the EOS 7D mkII. This combo still just blows me away, and is by far the best bird-and-wildlife equipment “normal” money can buy. There are used EOS 7D’s out there now selling for around 1200EUR or less, but the lens is still only available new unless you’re real lucky – but as you may know it is now possible to rent one from me! I can sling the camera/lens combo over my right shoulder and take it on a family walk, using the versatility to make great family images AND be prepared to shoot an owl if one should show up 😉

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