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I always loved flying...

I always loved flying… Click to see in full size.

I was born in Denmark in 1968. My early years were spent in the woods around the family home, and I was not even a teenager when I started to bird-watch actively. I still use the telescope I bought when I was 13 years old, a Kowa TS7 that holds its own against the expensive ones people carry around nowadays.

As a teenager I owned an SLR camera. My first telephoto lens was a Soviet-made Zenith 500mm mirror lens, with a best aperture of f16! Later I bought a Tokina 500mm f8 lens. Neither was any good.

Nowadays I shoot with Canon dSLR cameras – I have owned a 5D, a 7D, a 5D again, a 1D mkIII, two 5D mkII, a 1Ds mkIII, and still own a 7DmkII. On the front I have my 500mm f4 or my 100-400mm mkII, sometimes with the TC1.4mkII. Of all these camera bodies, the 5D’s (both mkI and mkII) have been the easiest to love, with the 1Ds mkIII a close second. The 7D, in my humble opinion, is vastly over-hyped, and the 1D mkIII has a funny sensor, where shades aren’t rendered well. The 7DmkII is great in every conceivable way , but it wasn’t always so – the original software made it just about unusable as feathers weren’t rendered well, but since software version 1.0.4. it is almost embarrassingly good, and my very clear recommendation for anyone wanting to shoot birds while only occasionally robbing banks.

I recently acquired a 5DmkIII, and use it for landscapes, commercial and general tourist shooting. For birds, the 7DmkII is my weapon of choice since early summer 2015, and the one that is almost glued to the latest EF 500 L IS USM mki which I only recently acquired to replace the 600mm lens.

I like the challenge of documenting the bird life around our home on Vestfyn, south-central part of Denmark. But you’ll often find images here which were shot at other locations.

The photoblog is intended as my own diary of photo experiences. If you would like to use an image by all means get in touch; we’ll work something out!


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