Chasing pleasing bird images is very much a hobby. This means that I’ll usually be delighted if someone wishes to use any of my images for something worthwhile, BUT if you do so it is only fair that you add photo credits/link back to this site, and I’d also like to hear from you if you do! To summarise; yes, I will most likely let you use the images, but ONLY if you ask, and link to this site. If you don’t I’ll come after you as the proverbial bat outta hell…

All the images here are available as large-format prints. Print prices grow exponentially, but as an example a 40x60cm print on canvas, mounted on a wooden frame (it looks awesome, I promise) will set you back some 800DKK plus shipping – just write me an email with the name of the image you like, and I’ll send you a preview via email before ordering the print.

You can reach me through phone or email

+45 4083 8770


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