Chasing pleasing bird images is very much a hobby. This means that I’ll usually be delighted if someone wishes to use any of my images for something worthwhile, BUT if you do so it is only fair that you add photo credits/link back to this site, and I’d also like to hear from you if you do! To summarise; yes, I will most likely let you use the images, but ONLY if you ask, and link to this site. If you don’t I’ll come after you as the proverbial bat outta hell…

All the images here are available as large-format prints. Print prices grow exponentially, but as an example a 40x60cm print on canvas, mounted on a wooden frame (it looks awesome, I promise) will set you back some 800DKK plus shipping – just write me an email with the name of the image you like, and I’ll send you a preview via email before ordering the print.

You can reach me through phone or email

+45 4083 8770



  1. Hej
    Ser netop dit billede på naturephotos af and der letter.
    Optager du i Raw. bruger du trebenet stativ. Bruger du AF -C vis
    Nikon. Hører gerne, hvordan du kom rem til resultatet.

  2. Greetings from America!
    While I find your avian photography to be breathtakingly beautiful, I am writing today to request permission to use three of your non-avian photos in my work promoting conservation and sustainability of the Critically Endangered Spoon-billed Sandpiper.
    I have, for several years, contributed to environmental conservation as an unpaid volunteer of the National Audubon Society. My specual area of interest has been in IUCN-listed Endangered and Critically Endangered Species. In that vein, I have, over the past fifteen years, created and conducted, on a Pro Bono basis, for local Audubon chapters and other non-profits throughout the States, seminars and workshops first on the Endangered Whooping Crane and subsequently on the Critically Endangered Siberian Crane. (All my work is Pro Bono. I never accept, nor do I ever charge, fees of any kind for my presentations. I accept neither gifts nor services in kind for my lectures. Further, I restrict my presentations to non-profit environmental/avian entities that charge no fees whatsoever for attendance at my seminars).
    During the past two years, I have invested more 1,300 hours of research, development and factual verification and “vetting” time in the creation of my most ambitious undertaking to date, a presentation focused on the Critically Endanged and near-extinct Spoon-billed Sandpiper species. Entitled SANDS OF THE SANDPIPERS’ TIME, this latest initiative addresses all facets of the species’ fragile life and the equally fragile habitats upon which it depends. It is in that vein, and with the above as reference, that I am composing and transmitting this note to you today.
    I would very much like to employ in my seminar three of your images that appear on your site in the subset entitled: “Chukotka Siberia #1”.
    The images for which I am seeking your permission to utilize are of three of the environmental landscapes in the vicinity of the Chukotka Peninsula town around which your photo-essay revolve, and especially the village’s outskirts that so pronouncedly depict the environmental impact that, even in this remote and quasi-wilderness location, man’s presence mars and scars.
    Your photography forcefully and emotionally, as well as intellectually underscores the monumental barriers and obstacles that those of us who are actively engaged in protecting the Spoon-billed Sandpiper continuously face.
    It would be an honor and a privilege to include your gritty and meaningful images in my presentation. To that end, I am asking for your permission to so do. I will, of course, provide complete attribution if granted permission to use. I am also willing to pay an honorarium to you, at an amount that you establish, for such use.
    Many thanks for your consideration.
    Most cordially,
    John Canter
    National Audubon Society
    Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust
    Spoon-billed Sandpiper Task Force
    International Crane Foundation
    Whooping Crane Conservation Association

  3. Hej Mads.
    Når du nu har lavet sådan en fin side kan du så ikke lave en dansk udgave .
    Jeg har kun gået syv år i den stråtækte skole og er ikke så stærk i engelsk.

    • Hej Leif tak for dit indspark. Jeg kan ikke love at alle poster indtil nu kommer på dansk også – det er knag’me en ordentlig mundfuld. Men jeg vil prøve at lave den næste blog (om fokus) på dansk, og se hvordan den bliver modtaget (kan jo følge statistikken ret præcist herinde), og så tage stilling til om fremtidige blogs blot skal komme på dansk. Men lige nu har jeg lidt for mange andre ting om ørerne – det kommer!

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