It doesn’t have to be exotic…

Eurasian Wren against the afternoon sun.

Eurasian Wren against the afternoon sun.

…to be interesting. One of the great advantages of bird photography over, say travel or extreme-sports, is that you can generally find subjects of interest just about anywhere. Below is a gallery of worthwhile shots from late summer and autumn around home; some of them are of subjects no less “exotic” than the Siberian galleries (since they are the same species), some are mundane to us but super exotic to people from somewhere else…

There are a number of shots from a very productive morning spent at a local meadow. The light is very sweet in that collection, if I may say so. Likewise, a wren I met on a kayak trip to Æbelø (weird Danish letter alert!!! It means Apple Island) was kind enough to pose against the setting winter sun, producing some attractive shots of a more “artsy” kind than the usual portraits.

The new 500mm, with the converter and the 7DmkII, is a game-changer for walkabout wildlife photography – normally you don’t get close enough for useful shots, but with 1120 effective mm that has changed somewhat!

Remember to click on the first image to see it in large – the files are generally 1400px wide, so you need a big screen to get the full monty.

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