Erotic adventures on camera

You’ve heard the expression “there’s no free lunch” many times. But did you realise that this applies as much to kingfishers as it does to people? This kingfisher girl (on top) thought he was just being generous… EOS 5D III and EF500mm L F4. Click on the link below for the full-sized upload:

I had made some arrangements with a couple of risquĂ© models, alas things didn’t quite turn out the way I had intended.

The plan was simple enough; set the camera up to point at an attractive location in the woods, and let the boy and the girl do their thing. It’s not all that creative, but it seems to make some people excited, and my social media feeds can use the exposure.

“Lemme just check this plonker’s settings here…” Mrs. Kingfisher having a look-see to make sure I’m not messing up her photoshooting. EOS 5D III with EF500mm and TC1.4 II. Click on the link below to see a larger version:

As it turned out the girl liked the camera so much she decided to give the sentence “sex on camera” a whole new twist. Click on the images to see large versions:

Here’s the image I was hoping for – I think it would have looked nice with the two of them acting out their most intimate fantasies here, but there must have been a glitch in our communication somewhere – but the images are nice all the same.

The whole idea was to get closeups using a wide-angle lens. I got 4 frames with kingfishers in them on the camera I had placed in the brook, and maybe 300 on the one I brought into the hide with me. EOS 5D III with EF16-35mm F2.8 L, at around 35cm focal distance. Click on the link below for the full-sized upload:

[EDIT: I went there again on Thursday, together with Henrik, a photographer friend. This time I didn’t have the extra camera, but Henrik brought his, and took a few very nice photos:

As you can see the male is still excited about all this expensive gadgetry. The image is great at demonstrating just how tiny a bird we’re dealing with here. Photo by Henrik Hougaard Larsen. Click on the link below for the full-sized upload:
The handsome little guy likes his rocks, even one that is almost flooded like here. Photo by Henrik Hougaard Larsen. Click on the link below for the full-sized upload:

For my own part, since the bird was more interested in the camera perch than in its usual rock, I didn’t get much in terms of photo evidence of the experience. Here are the two images my camera recorded:

I had placed the camera a little further away in the hope that this would reduce his stress levels upon hearing the shutter. That made the perched shot a little too distant, but it sure is a pretty location. Click on the link below for the full-sized upload:
This is very close to being my dream shot – notice how the tail feathers are pin-sharp. If it had been taken 1/10 of a second earlier I think it would have been “rather nice”. At least now I have a good reason to go back for more! Note that this one was taken 1/5th of a second after the other one (my camera shoots about 5ffs, and it was firing off a burst here). So close and yet no luck 🙂 Click on the link below for the full-size image upload:

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